Welcome to the Franconian Snuggery

Dear guest, welcome to our franconian snuggery. We host the delicious breakfast for our hotel guests as well as authentical franconian cuisine for parties of more than 10 persons.

Tradition is very important to us. Enjoy franconian specialties typical for Würzburg. Our homemade sausages are a very famous highlight as well as the german “Sauerkraut”. Additionally you have the option of fine dining.

Wine Festivals

We are a co-founder of the “Verein Würzburger Festwirte”. Since more than 30 years we take part in two of the most renowned wine festivals of franconia. The Würzburger Weindorf and the Weinparade. Visit us during the Festival time and you can enjoy franconian lifestyle at its best.

Wines of Würzburg

The vineyard Würzburger Stein was already beloved by Goethe.Würzburg offers a range of wines from unique quality. Mainly white wine but also some outstanding reds are produced. The franconian wine is clear and crisp with a typical terroir. We offer you a selection of high class wine estates adequate for a dinner but also a sip at the bar.



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